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Mini-Musk is an incredibly lifelike miniature recreation of legendary entrepreneur, revolutionary innovator and humanity's best friend Elon Musk wearing the SpaceX space-suite. It is created through the magic of 3D Printing. Our team of professional 3d artists have spent months assembling information about Elon, and have painstakingly recreated every little detail, from facial features, to the attire. This is a piece of premium memorabilia which is not for everyone, this miniature is for the true die hard fans of Elon!

Before You Order:
Each Mini-Musk is made to order just for you! Once you place your order our 3D printing experts get to work custom fabricating your miniature, this is a very complex process that can take up to 8 days! So keep in mind that it may take as long as 13 business days for your Mini-Musk to arrive in your mailbox
Since each order is custom fabricated for you, we do not accept returns or cancellations.
Mini-Musk is fragile, it is made from a material resembling gypsum so please handle with care and avoid placing him in direct sunlight and keep away from contact with water.
Check out our fabrication process HERE